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Cancer & Alopecia Patients Page

We know this can be a traumatic experience.

Hair loss is an unfortunate result of many cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy. Alopecia, trichotillomania, many thyroid problems and other medical disorders may also bring on hair loss. Your questions may be: When will I lose my hair? Should I buy a wig? How much will it cost? Will insurance pay for it? Will it be comfortable? Will it look like me?

FUZZY NAVEL Custom Wig Salon has expert wig consultants to help you through this challenging time, finding answers you need now. We will set up private appointments, making sure you are completely comfortable with the experience. After going over your options, we will customize your wig to fit your needs and personality.

We do not sell online, as we feel that this personal process is one that takes a visit to the salon or a consultation with our experts. If you are hospitalized but able to receive visitors, we can come to you – we make hospital calls in the Los Angeles area on an as-needed basis. Your situation is as unique as you are and we realize this is a difficult process, so we will help by making you relaxed and informed on all of your choices.

The good news is that there are so many options available to you now!
When looking at the two types, synthetic and human hair wigs, you have many things to consider before you dive in.

  • Ease in Life Style: A great wig can make your life simpler and easier to prepare for work or appointments
  • Ease of Hair Style: If you choose to stick to something like your own hairstyle or if you go with something totally new, we will make sure you are comfortable and that your wig brings you new found ease in styling.
  • Ease in Maintenance: Your wig will require a custom fitting, maybe a cut, a styling and we will go over its maintenance with you. You always have the option of bringing it into the salon where we can do any maintenence here. Human hair wigs are just like (the best) regular hair, and have a bit more flexibility when it comes to coloring or other big transformations.

Above all, we are a transition partner. From diagnosis, throughout treatments and until after your hair returns, we are available to you throughout this journey.
Many insurance companies cover hair replacement options; check your coverage to see if yours does. Ask your doctor to prescribe a “cranial prosthesis”.


Our Commitment To You:

We put our patients first.
We work hard to bring you the most positive solutions.
We are proud to offer a wide range of products for your style, fit, and comfort and price range.


On your first visit we will:

  • Help you decide on what type of hair works best for you
  • Look at the ease and comfort factors of various wig styles
  • Discuss the differences between human and synthetic hair
  • Explore the Alternatives in regard to color, length and style
  • Review styling options, wig care, do's & don'ts


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